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Putting exclamation marks in my passwords was awesome until my shift-key stopped working

Why do you put your self esteem in the hands of complete strangers?-Helena Bonham Carter


Love is a projection of ultimate happiness.

At least it is what we perceive it to be.

We are delusional in that case. We have become accustomed to the idea that we need a paramour to complete our lives. We need this to compensate for our lack of things or even for self love deficit. Somewhere along the lines we create this ideal construction that love, the paramour, is the ultimate solution, the remedy to save ourselves.

We create this world where we talk about poetry, of cigarette ashes and cheap wines and lonely bed sheets and Bukowsky, thinking of them being as pretty. We call this loneliness, or the ache of it beautiful, this lust for love suddenly becomes beautiful sadness. Melancholia becomes a synonym for pretty happiness.

We become trapped in the vortex of vulnerability for lack of romanticism.

 We are unguarded.                                                                                    

What I am trying to say here is that you don’t need a paramour to save you. We need to get this misconception out of our head. The only one who can ever save you is yourself. Don’t be enchanted by the pretty words and think you want someone to save you. Because no one is going to save you. Remember that you are the protagonist of your own life.

Love is a part of life, but love is not life. There will be several heartbreaks, several flings, several airport crushes, and many more. One day, I hope you do find love. But I hope that you don’t find a love to compensate for lack of love for yourself. If you fall in love that’s okay, if you don’t that’s okay too. Things will fall into place eventually. But don’t ever think that you would be happy only if you find that certain someone, because then, you are only going to be finding a way to compensate. 

Don’t be misleading by the idea that life will only be meaningful if there is a certain special involved.

(Sidenote: God bless (500) Days of Summer)

No certain special someone is obligated for your happiness.

Life is precious. Don’t go around asking for love because when it will happen it will happen. In the mean time, you probably want to get out of the coffee shop and do something. Learn and grow and spend time with family and friends and explore and be productive and god damn there are so many beautiful things to do and places to see and people to meet and good food to eat.

What I am saying is don’t wait for love. Not the one that involves a paramour anyway. Love people and ideas and passions and things. When it’s meant to happen, it will. Oh and I promise you it’s going to be good.


(Paramour here refers to the word lover)

(love here refers to the kind of poetry love we think will save us, it does not include the love for your surroundings or your family or friends, love here refers to the concept of finding the supposed one)

This could not be more spot on.

People love to complain; what is up with that?

I have a week left in Bangalore, then heading to Goa, and running to Kerala…there is still time to catch up ;). Go here

My brother is really neat.


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Cheers to those who follow through. You don’t know how much this means to me, I love you

A little piece of my heart dies every time someone makes plans with me but doesn’t keep them 

starlighttori :  Hi, my name is Victoria. I was feeling down, and so I decided to see if there were tags for Camp Boggy Creek, when I was in 7th grade I went there, and the last time I was there I had to be a Junior in high school. Let me just tell you, some of the best role models I ever had were counselors, What you're doing is a beautiful thing. You are brilliant, and I hope this message makes you smile like I'm sure you make kids do. Have a good day =)

Hi Victoria! Thank you so much for your heartfelt words. They really made me smile. Camp is a really special place for all of us.

I was a full-time counselor back in the summers of 2010 and 2011, but I definitely do not go back as often as I’d like to now. I actually currently need a dose of the love and joy that encompasses the Boggy spirit. If you are missing camp, you should think about being a counselor! I know they would love to have you. This way you can pass on the magic that you once received :).

Until then, keep shining like the star that you are! And do not forget to look towards the other stars in the sky - they will bring the summer right back to you. <3

psssst, check out what I’ve been doing in India. ;)


Canada: whispers it’s my birth…


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